Bell Music

This is the most fascinating collection of music which imitates bellringing. 

There has been some correspondence in The Ringing World recently on whether ringing is actually music.  Anyone who has heard these pieces will be in little doubt.  One of my favourites is Little Bob Sixteen, played on the guitar.  (Actually I don’t think these are played on real instruments – it sounds more like a simulator.)  Another nice one is London Surprise Major, sung by eight voices.  (Tenor 13 stone in A flat!!) Completely different and even more gorgeous, is “Psalm 150 in Grandsire Triples”. 

To hear these for yourself. please follow these instructions:

On the internet, search for CCCBR.  When you've opened that, there's another search box at the top of the page which says, " Search this website".  This time, search for Oddities.  That will produce a result that says "Library of bell recordings, bellringing oddities".  Click on that and you will have a choice of things to listen to.