Lighten Our Darkness!

Battery powered lights that give a really good light for your belfry or stairs

by Helen Beaufoy

After ringing at Puckington recently, the local ringer who had met us took me upstairs to see the new lights on their spiral staircase.  I was so impressed with them that I have bought some the same for the stairs at Seavington St Mary, where we have no electricity. 

Powered by batteries, these are sold as “Ceiling Lights”.  They are light sensitive and motion triggered, so when it’s dark and you start off up the stairs, a lovely bright light comes on.  By the time you’ve bought the batteries they cost about £20 each, but that’s a small price to pay to save you breaking your neck in the dark!  John Hayter tells me that they use them at Somerton as emergency lighting in case the power goes off.  They are obtainable from .