Young Ringers

The Bath and Wells Association has an excellent scheme for learners, which as far as we know is quite unlike that of any other Association. Our scheme is used by towers using ITTS teaching methods, and by towers that have their own teaching methods. It can be used by people taking part in the Learning the Ropes Scheme, but also by those who are not - the choice is yours (or your instructor's.)

Our Young Ringer Award is for anyone under the age of nineteen who cannot yet Plain Hunt. It can be started from the very first lesson, or you can join in at any time later. There are thirty six tasks, and for each one achieved the learner is awarded £5.00. Cheques are presented at the Annual General Meeting on Easter Monday each year. This award was begun in 2011, and it has been very pleasing to see the young people who started on the Award progressing onto the Young Ringer Competition. The Competition is intended for those who have mastered Plain Hunting, and it encourages them to get out and about, ringing at new towers, and learning new methods. There are significant money prizes for the lucky winners. The scheme has not been running long enough to see how successful it will be in retaining our learners long term, but so far the results are very encouraging - the Bath and Wells Association is alive and well!Rounds Animation