We seem to be very short of Conductors. Quite often people are afraid to try, in case they make a mistake.

In some towers now, beginners are encouraged to shout "Stand" and to call Call Changes, and this is a good way of introducing them to calling. They then progress to calling "Go" and "That's All" for Plain Courses of their first methods, and then calling touches is not too big a step.

Whether they then progress to being Bob Callers or proper Conductors, probably depends partly on whether they have the sort of brain that enjoys playing with numbers. The brilliant mathematicians in the band can probably manage without much help, but for the rest of us a bit of explanation on how to Call will be very useful.

In this section we have tried to collect articles explaining different ways of both Bob Calling and Conducting. More articles are needed, so please send in any that you have found helpful, or write some yourself and send them along.

Ringing Plain Courses all the time is very boring, so don't leave all the Calling to the same person every week. Have a go at learning a composition and ask your Tower captain if you can try it out next week!