Useful Links

Abel, Mabel and Mobel Everything you could possibly want to know about simulators!
Bath and Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers Information and details of all local towers in the Diocese.
Bellboard A similar resource to Campanophile, record your peals and quarters here. Linked to the RW.
Cambridge Ringing Info Info about ringing in the Cambridge area and a very useful library of methods
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers National Bell Ringing Site. A very wide variety of useful information.
Change Ringing Resources There is so much information in here, you will have to look for yourself!
Change Ringing Toolkit This is an interesting site, with various tools to help you to learn change ringing
Charmborough Ring This is a mobile belfry (tenor 3/4 cwt) that you can hire for your event
Cheltenham Branch Method Library Cheltenham Branch, Gloucester and Bristol Association, Method Library
Dorset Towers All about Dorset towers, contacts etc
Dove's Guide for Church Bell Ringers A guide for all Church Towers Worldwide
Felstead Peal Database The aim is to list every peal ever rung.
Fortran Friends Charts to help you learn new methods and other very useful information
ITTS The new Teacher Training Scheme
Jubilee Bells on youtube If you've ever rung in a tower that sways a lot, you will sympathise with these people!
Keltek Trust The Keltek Trust aquires bells that are no longer needed, and aims to find them new homes.
Malcolm Brown Bellropes Manufacturer of bellropes and wooden items such as bits of bellframe, stays, boxes and pulleys, based in Gloucestershire.
Matthew Higby and Company Ltd Church Bell Hangers and Engineers, based in Somerset.
Mendip Ropes Manufacturers of traditional Church Bell Ropes. The Central Council's Method Collection
Method Ringing Resources Yet another method library. Each one is different, and it depends what style you prefer.
Steve Coleman Books Steve Coleman has written five books to help ordinary ringers learn, progress and cope with the real world of bellringing.  They are beautifully produced, hardback books, written in Steve’s easy to read style. 
Steve Scanlon's Ringing Site Steve Scanlon's Ringing Site
The Ringing World The Ringers' weekly magazine
Tower Essentials One stop shop for those essential bell ringing items.
Visual Method Archive Find and print lots of different methods
Washington Ringing Society A super site about ringing in Washington, USA, and featuring the animations that we have used (with their kind permission)
Whites Bellhangers The oldest continuously trading Bellhanging Company in the United Kingdom.
Whiting Society The Whiting Society publishes a wide range of books about bells and change ringing, many aimed at beginners, some more advanced, and some historical, which can be bought through the on-line shop.