Ringing a Bell


Ringing UnaidedWhen it comes to ringing a bell, there is no substitute for practice in the tower. However, a few tips and hints might prove to be helpful.

Dip into the pages below and see what suits you.

You are never really safe ringing, nor can your ringing be accurate, if you can't raise and lower. There are plenty of articles here to help you with this - lots of different authors, so you are sure to find something that makes sense to you. If you are learning to raise and lower in peal, be sure to read about Leading up and down on the Treble. This will help you to understand the whole picture, not just your small part in it.

There is a lot said about striking: "Listen to your Bell!", "Listen to the Leads!", "This isn't good enough, listen to it!" Never mind all that, it's no help to anyone. Here we have articles telling you HOW to listen to the bells, and exercises to help you improve.