It has recently been realised that most ringers really haven't a clue what The Central Council actually do. Most people assume that it is something dry and dusty that needn't concern them. In fact, although much of what they do is above many of our heads, they do do some very useful work. Their website is full of information about how and where to learn to ring, books to buy, leaflets on offer, and there are several Committees that could be very useful to us. For instance, the Bell Restoration Committee provides a wealth of information and advice on raising the necessary funds to restore rings of bells. The Towers and Belfries Committe makes available advice, assistance and information about the installation, maintenance and security of rings of bells, the maintenance of towers, and other related matters.

The Central Council website has recently been updated and it is now easy to find your way around the huge collection of information on offer. Have a look now!