Biographies Committee

The Committee's objective is to create biographical records of (deceased) ringers. Prior to 2009 its remit was limited to ringers who now or in the past have served on the Central Council, but this restriction was removed. The Committee has not yet formulated criteria for which ringers (other than Council members) it should seek to create a record of, but it is willing to accept nominations and will also accept contributions of biographical information from any ringer.

Biographical information held by the Committee will not be used during the subject's lifetime (other than by agreement) and may thereafter be used as source material for biographic records or obituaries and/or articles on the history of ringing, in The Ringing World or in future publications.

Our growing set of biographic records appears on the web as an accessible resource for ringing historians and for others interested in the history of ringing. Biographic records are also printed to provide a permanent archival record in the Central Council Library.