Learning the Ropes


Most people learning an instrument have lessons from a teacher who takes them through a series of progressive grades to build their skills. Learning the Ropes is designed to provide a progressive development of ringing skills, where new skills are built on those you have already learnt - therefore making each new stage easier to grasp.

Why Learning the Ropes?

  • motivation and inspiration – working from a carefully structured syllabus towards a definite goal
  • a measure of personal progress and attainment against recognised benchmarks
  • an objective guide to improve your ringing skills
  • performance and long extent opportunities
  • a real sense of achievement – including a personalised certificate and your name published in the Ringing World


Enjoyment through achievement is a key principle, and earning a Learning the Ropes certificate is a rewarding experience. If you are working hard to make progress with your ringing, you need some way of recognising your success.

Learning the Ropes has five stages, known as Levels. Each Level develops key skills from bell handling, listening and ropesight to understanding ringing jargon and conducting. There is flexibility at Levels 4 and 5 to choose either a Doubles or Minor pathway. You get a Personal Progress Logbook, access to an online learning website of resources and a certificate of achievement at the completion of each Level.

When you have completed Level 5, your ringing will be at the standard where you will be able to progress quickly in the exciting and diverse world of method ringing.

Benefits for Teachers too

A structured, progressive teaching and learning process enables a higher percentage of students achieve success at higher levels. Learning the Ropes was created in response to requests from Teachers for a learning pathway for ringers.

It provides clear goals for both the Teacher and Ringer – allowing faster progress and facilitating group working. As a graded scheme where new skills are built onto what has been learned before, it helps to make each stage easier to learn and reduces the risk of a ringer getting stuck at a level below their potential.

If you would like to learn to ring, and would like to start on the Learning the Ropes programme, go to www.ringingteachers.co.uk  where you will find contact details.  You will find that ringers are a friendly bunch and you’ll be made very welcome.