Lowering in Peal

by Gordon Rendell


Lowering in Peal is easier than raising, so start with that, and the fewer bells you have to contend with the better.  Don’t grab the treble or the second, leave those to the experts.  I’ll tell you about them later.  Find one of the middle bells and when the rounds have settled down, listen.  Notice where your hands are when the tenor speaks and make sure they are in that position throughout the lower.  Every stroke, don’t relax for an instant.  If you follow this procedure you won’t be far out.  Don’t start ringing with one hand to show how good you are.  It only gives the impression that you are not treating it seriously, and a good lower is serious business and gives possibly the greatest satisfaction out of all ringing when done really well.  Finally, when you have to miss and catch at the bottom, don’t pull at the rope, just catch hold of it and stop it dead.  The bell knows when to come in without you messing it up.