In Plain methods the path of the Treble is a plain hunt.  They are classified as follows:

Bob Methods 

2nds place is made at Treble’s lead or the penultimate* place is made at Treble’s whole pull behind, or both places are  made.  ( *eg.4th’s under the Treble)

Imperial Methods

Two working bells make adjacent places wrong within a half lead.

College Methods

Pairs of working bells work together in a block below the Treble for the whole time the Treble is above the block.

Court Methods

These have internal places adjoining the path of the Treble, other than Bob places, Imperial places and places causing College work.

Court Bob Methods

These have Court places which cause one or more complete dodges.

Little Methods

These are classified as Little Bob if they have 2nds place at Treble’s lead and otherwise as Little Court.


Plain doubles methods are classified as Place if the path of a working bell consists only of hunting and place making and as Bob otherwise.


In Treble dodging methods the Treble dodges in 1-2, 3-4,5-6, etc, the number of dodges in each position being the same.  They are classified as follows:

Treble Bob Methods

These have no internal places as the Treble passes from one dodging position to another. 

Surprise Methods

These have at least one internal place made every time the Treble passes from one dodging position to another.

Delight Methods

These are all other Treble dodging methods.

Treble Place Methods

In these the Treble’s path includes the making of one place within the half lead, the path being symmetrical about the half lead and the Treble having the same total number of blows in each position  of the path within the lead.