Nervous Breakdown!

Learn Bob Doubles the easy way – one lead at a time.


This is a beginners' version of Bob Doubles, where each bell does only one piece of work, over and over again.

The Treble hunts up to the back, lies in 5th’s place for four blows and then hunts down to lead.

Leads, hunts up only to 4th’s place, hunts back down to lead and then makes 2nd’s.

3  Hunts up  to the back and back down to lead, passes the Treble in  2-3 and then dodges 3 – 4 up.

4 Hunts down to lead, then back up to the back, passing the Treble in 4-5, and dodges 3 – 4 down.

5   Lies one blow in 5th’s, hunts down to lead, hunts up again and lies 4 blows in 5th’s (Blows behind.)


It's a good idea to makie cards showing the work of each bell. Then you can hand the relevant card to the ringer of each bell, which saves a lot of time and scratching of heads.