Memories of a Ringing Outing

by Percy Sparks.

Percy rang at Templecombe, and all his poems are true stories.

Some ringers from Dorset went out on a spree,

With others who live near the A303.

One ringer was Godl(e)y, we hope not alone;

We included a Bishop, to keep up the tone.


With the sun shining bright, and our hearts full of joy,

Middlezoy Church

We all congregated at Middlezoy;

To ring on the bells was our earnest intent -

We found that we might as well never have went!


For one of the people who lived quite nearby

That morning had taken a trip to the sky,

And they all considered it wasn't the thing

On this sad occasion the joy-bells to ring.


Westonzoyland Church

At Westonzoyland we spent the next hour,

Though it wasn't included in our little tour;

To thank our keen ladies we just must not fail -

Their tact and diplomacy seemed to prevail.


At Greinton we parked in a yard without holes

There were minis and minors, but never a Rolls!

Then up to the church they had built on a rise,

Where Fred called some London and Cambridge Surprise.


Peggy saw on a peal board the name 'Trevor Marks',

Peggy Godley

Introduced to each other a couple of Sparks.

We noticed the clock with it's grim warning finger,

Which made us decide we could no longer linger.


From Greinton the ladies were soon out of sight -

Some went to the left and some to the right.

As we stopped on the hill our lunch to enjoy,

We found Bert and his Misses and Gordon't boy.


Trevor Marks

At Shapwick, I fear we all wandered around

Taking photos, until the key could be found.

When it came we were welcomed so heartily,

Then rang Rounds and Stedman and Beverley.


The village of Ashcott then claimed our attention.

We all thought the bells deserved special mention.

They gave us great pleasure; what more can I say

Than hope we shall ring there another day.


In the land of the Hippies this tale must be told:

We found that the Bishop had strayed from the fold.

In Glaston's streets he was lost, it would seem -

He arrived just in time for his share of the cream.


To round the day off and make it complete,

Street Church

We tried some Surprise on the eight bells at Street.

If anyone tells you the bells all stalled,

We just made a bob that never was called!


Before we departed we thanked the two sisters

Who found the bells we could ring without any blisters.

We thought as we wended our homeward way,

How pleasant to spend thus a fine autumn day.