"Sixty on Thirds"

This is the most famous and frequently used peal of call changes. It is the test piece for DevonĀ  Association call-change competitions (together, of course, with raising and lowering in peal).

Although the sequence of changes is a mystery to many method ringers, the plan is quite simple.

1. Call the bells to Queens.
2. Call the treble up to 5ths place.
3. Call the third into 2nds place.
4. Call the treble down to lead.
5. Call the third into 4ths place.
6. Continue this process until the third is in 5ths place.
7. Call the fifth, then the second, then the fourth out to 5ths place in the
same way, moving them one place when the treble is either leading or in 5ths
8. Queens is regained after 60 calls.