A Surprise Muddle - A Puzzle

The six learners at St Bede's are all coming on nicely these days.

Out of 11 surprise Major methods, they can all ring 7, but only two can ring the same seven.

Harry can't ring Pudsey or Glasgow.

Only three ring Ealing and the same three can also ring superlative.

Debs rings neither Ealing, Pudsey nor Lincolnshire, and only one of them can ring Belfast.

Sophie and Jack were the first to learn to ring Cambridge

Both those who ring Glasgow also ring Ealing.

Only four ring Superlative; those who don't ring Superlative ring both Pudsey and Rutland.

Tom and Claire ring neither Bristol nor London and Harry rings only one of these.

The same number ring Lincolnshire as ring London.

Tom rings Lincolnshire.

The only methods all six can ring are, of course, Cambridge and Yorkshire.

Bit of a variety, isn't there? But WHAT a headache for the ringing master!

Can you work out what methods each rings?



Puzzle Answers

The six learners at St Bede's:
Tom C Y E P N S G
Harry C Y E L R N S
Claire C Y E P R S G
Debs C Y B L R S Be
Sophie C Y B L P R N
Jack C Y B L P R N