Plain Bob

So you've learnt to Plain Hunt and you're ready to move on. Some Instructors will advocate Plain Bob next, some Grandsire, and some might even start with Stedman. Those who favour Plain Bob do so because it leads on to many many other methods. You've seen the advanced methods in books, and wonder how anyone can ever learn such complicated stuff. Well, the secret is that there are chunks of work that occurr in lots of different methods. So you might learn that Beverley is largely Cambridge, with a couple of minor alterations. Bits of Plain Bob turn up in St Simon's, Reverse Canterbury, St Martin's, St Remigius, and loads of others. The links here lead to lots of different articles and charts, and you can look through and see which makes sense to you. Go out to other towers' practices, stand behind someone every time Plain Bob is being rung and try to follow what is going on, ask questions, and get as much practice as you can. Don't get discouraged - Rome took a long time to build!